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What is crypto currency? To answer this question, you first need to analyze the crypto currency in terms of value theory. crypto currency is a type of product that is currently traded on the market. A product has value in use and exchange. Although crypto currency is named currency, it has no function as currency, and its main value in use (availability) is a means of speculation for capital gains. Therefore, it has a value that is not socially beneficial, and if society does not accept value in use as a means of speculation, it becomes meaningless as a commodity and has no value in use. In order for a product to become a currency, it must first function as a general equivalent. A generic equivalent should be able to exchange it for all products that exist in the economy, so that the relative value of all products can be expressed as a unit of goods that have achieved this general equivalence status. For example, if gold is a common equivalent, a pair of Nike Air can be described as a pure gold, a laptop as a net gold of 10 dollars, and a new Mercedes-Benz as a net gold of 100 dollars, and there has to be this constant exchange in society. However, crypto currency is currently in a position where it cannot be exchanged directly with any product, and it cannot express the relative value of any product on its own. There is an article that reported that crypto currency was used in the purchase of other goods at the store and that there was a store that could be paid with the crypto currency, but it was used for purchasing the crypto currency after evaluating it as legal currency, not expressing the relative value of the product directly. In general, money has functions such as the measure of value, the medium of circulation (=exchange method), the means of accumulating value, and the means), and the means of payment. First, because crypto currency does not have a general equivalent status, it cannot be a measure of the relative value of all goods traded on the market. Second, crypto currency has little function as a medium of distribution since it has been valued as a legal currency and has become a medium of distribution in the exchange of goods very narrowly and accidentally. Compared to other things, crypto currency does not have the ability to purchase more than credit card. It does not function as a medium of value and distribution, so it is not a means of accumulating. The payment method is an important function in the capitalist economy used in the credit transactions of goods, and for the same reason, the crypto currency does not have this function. INTRO But I think it’s worth it if you have the ability to “fill your needs.” How does something meet your needs? There are two ways. One is to use it to fill your needs, and the second is to exchange it for something else you want to use. For example, if you own a gem, you can double your beauty or cash it if you need it. The possibility of this exchange has created an “indirect value”. As a result, when people talk about value, they usually think about the market price. Some say raw materials such as jewelry are of intrinsic value, but this argument is merely that there is a market for jewelry. Unless you are planning to use the jewelry yourself, it is only meaningful that you can exchange it for something else that is useful for you. In other words, jewelry has this meaning because it has a tightly formed market. You can sell jewelry on the market at any time and exchange it for cash, and you can purchase what you want with that cash.(On the other hand, if you live in a situation where you don’t have a jewelry market, as defined by it, you can’t exchange jewelry for what you want.) That is, if you have a market, it’s worth it. We, DEVA Token, are creating a “valuable economy and crypto ecosystem” to give value to DEVA Token. This means that DEVA Token has created a platform that can be used as an exchange value. The utilization value of DEVA Token is expected to be a big part of the financial services platform we are preparing for.

Table Of Contents 

Introduction to DEVA TOKEN 

Who Created the DEVA TOKEN? 

Partners of DEVA Token and mode of Revenue Generation 

Roadmap 

Disclaimer and Risks

~~~~~~~~Introduction to DEVA TOKEN~~~~~~~~ 

Token Name — — — — — — — — — — DEVA 

Symbol — — — — — — — — — — — — — DEVA 

Total Supply — — — — — — — — — 100,000,000 

Algorithm — — — — — — — — — — — — Ethereum/ERC 20 

Type — — — — — — — — — — — — -UTILITY 

Contract Address- 0x7ed621d37e30214d5e197454f08b1c5c9558517a  Service Platform — — — — DEVA PLATFORM

~~~~~~~~Who Created the DEVA TOKEN?~~~~~~~~

◎ DEVA Token was developed by the community working in BlockChain, Crypto trading, Marketing and Crypto Listing and Ads Services. ◎ Community is influential in Crypto Markets and has a large base of its followers. ◎ Community is continually expanding their economy onto more blockchains, and is committed to bringing their innovative technology solutions to each of those represented blockchains. ◎ Establishing a Base Token on Different Blockchains, DEVA will operate its protocol on different blockchains depending on the building blocks needed in that blockchain’s marketplace. ◎ Grow with partners. — Platform growth is the growth of all partners. — Helps secure users and increase trust through various promotions.

~~~Partners of DEVA Token and mode of Revenue Generation~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~

◎ Influential Crypto Community is partner of DEVA Token which is indulged in marketing, promotions, launching new projects and Crypto Listing and Ads Services for global reach. ◎ DEVA Token is open for new promising partnership for betterment of project and increasing trust of its holder for better progress in this competitive world. ◎ DEVA Token has intention of doing partnership with influential project for sure success and building its path to success. ◎ DEVA Token generates its revenue from working in BlockChain, Crypto trading, Marketing and Crypto Ads Services. Community is influential in Crypto Markets and has a large base of its followers. ◎ DEVA Token is open for adopting different modes for increasing its revenue for betterment of project and increasing trust of its holder for better progress in this competitive world.


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Q4 RoadMap

~~~~~~~~Disclaimer and Risks~~~~~~~~

This document is a vision document and should not be considered a specification. It is not a promotional material, reflecting the fact of issuance of securities and calling for investment in the sense in which it understands the law on securities. DEVA token does not give its holders ownership of a part of any segment of the public or private market. The main purpose of the DEVA token existence is its use in the trading ecosystem. The sole purpose of this document is to present the project to potential holders of tokens in such a way that they can make reasonable and informed decisions regarding the purchase of DEVA tokens. This document describes in detail the management of the project, its importance to society based on our believes, its functionality and objective grounds for investing in the acquisition of DEVA tokens distributed within the token sale campaign. No advice Just like any blockchain technology, acquisition of DEVA tokens is associated with a high level of financial risk. All investments are done at your sole discretion and you are solely responsible for assessing all potential investment risks as well as doing your due diligence prior to the time of investment. Consult your advisors before making a decision to purchase any Tokens. No offer of securities “DEVA” (as described in this Whitepaper) is not intended to constitute securities in any jurisdiction. This Whitepaper does not constitute a prospectus nor offer document of any sort and is not intended to constitute an offer or solicitation of securities or any other investment or other product in any jurisdiction. All statements, project technical information and other declarative information contained in this document cannot be considered as guarantees or promises to the holders of DEVA tokens. Such data may not be considered as a financial prediction of any. Forward-looking statements are based on publically available statistics as well as the proposals and forecasts of the initiators of token sale DEVA. Despite the fact that the organizers believe the forward-looking statements are reasonable and implementable, DEVA cannot guarantee to buyers of tokens the correctness of such forward-looking statements, as well as the intended results of the project’s activities specified in them. DEVA will do everything in their power to fulfill predictions listed in the roadmap in good faith to the best of their ability. Translations This Whitepaper and related materials are originally issued in English. Any translation is for reference purposes only and is not certified by any person. If there is any inconsistency found between a translation and the English version of this Whitepaper, the English version prevails. Unless otherwise stated, all references to “$” and “dollars” in this Whitepaper pertain to United States dollars. This Whitepaper has not been reviewed by any regulatory authority in any jurisdiction. Risk Factors The risk of losing access to DEVA tokens in case of loss of private keys. A private key or a combination of private keys is required to manage DEVA tokens stored in your digital wallet. The loss of private keys connected to your digital wallet automatically leads to the loss of access to DEVA tokens. In addition, if any third party gains access to your private keys or data to enter your wallet, access to your DEVA tokens can also be lost. Any technical issues related to the wallet on which you store DEVA tokens, including your own wrong wallet maintenance actions, can also lead to the loss of DEVA tokens. We strongly suggest you take every safety measure available to you in order to protect your wallet, your private keys and your DEVA tokens. No DEVA tokens will be re-issued in case of the loss or a theft. Ethereum Protocol Use Risk. Since DEVA tokens and the entire DEVA ecosystem are based on the Ethereum protocol, any possible failure of the Ethereum protocol can adversely affect the ecosystem of DEVA and DEVA tokens, which are in circulation within this system. The development of cryptography and technological advances in blockchain technology in general can also pose a potential threat to DEVA tokens and the DEVA ecosystem, including token functionality and value. Risk of mining attacks. DEVA tokens are at risk of miner attacks during the confirmation of token transactions in the Ethereum blockchain, including the risk of double-spending attacks, MMP attacks, and selfmining mining attacks. Any successful attack of this type puts the entire DEVA ecosystem at risk. Risk of crack and Security Protocol Vulnerability Hackers and other organized crime groups may try to hack the DEVA ecosystem and assign DEVA tokens to themselves in various ways. The risk associated with unpredictable actions of regulators and law enforcement agencies Due to the imperfection of the legal framework, the legal status of DEVA tokens and blockchain technologies is not clear in some jurisdictions. It is impossible to predict any law enforcement actions regarding the operation of the DEVA ecosystem and the handling of DEVA tokens should the legal field change in such jurisdictions. It is also impossible to foresee possible changes in legislation made by legislative bodies of various jurisdictions related to the DEVA regulation of the blockchain sphere. The possibility of such changes represents a potential risk for owners of DEVA tokens. This may include, for instance, an updated requirement by a certain jurisdiction to have DEVA conduct a compulsory KYC/ AML procedure, where it was not previously required, in order to finalize the transaction. Taxation Risk The tax component of the acquisition of DEVA tokens is not clearly defined. Your purchase of DEVA tokens can lead to adverse tax consequences, including income tax or other type of tax. Risk associated with the development and maintenance of the DEVA ecosystem DEVA Ecosystem is under development and may be subject to significant changes and corrections in terms of technical operation up to the full completion of the development of the platform. The effectiveness of the DEVA ecosystem development largely depends on the number of DEVA tokens sold. Poor token sale results can lead to a shortage of the resource base required for the full development of the ecosystem. There is high risk of liquidating a project or ecosystem in such situation. One cannot rule out the possibility that for some reason, including an unfavorable change in the exchange rate of currencies such as ETH, BTC or other cryptocurrencies, a drop in the level of functional utility of DEVA tokens beyond our competence may occur. Legal problems and intellectual property issues of the DEVA ecosystem can also disrupt the operation of the DEVA platform or completely liquidate the project. Other unforeseen risks Cryptographic DEVA tokens are a new, technologically not proven technology. In addition to the risks associated with the factors listed above, there are some risks associated with the acquisition, ownership and use of DEVA tokens. Such risks may represent various options or combinations of risks specified above. DEVA may change, delete or add any information in this document or in documents reflecting the terms and conditions of its websites or applications, at any time at its discretion and without notifying the holders of DEVA tokens. Any such changes will take effect immediately after the publication of the revised versions of such documents. You are solely responsible for timely acquaintance with possible changes in them. Your continued use of the Site and/or Services after any such changes implies your acceptance of them. There is a risk of losing all invested funds. If you do not agree with any such changes, do not continue to use the Site and/or the Service. All concepts and technical proposals outlined in this document are working hypotheses. This Whitepaper may be revised at the project’s discretion at any time for the purposes of clarifying the vision and communication it better to the potential investors. An updated version will be provided for downloading on website. It is a user’s responsibility to verify that the most recent Whitepaper is referenced prior to the time of investment. Buying DEVA tokens indicates your agreement with Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy found on website. Last time updated: December, 23, 2020

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